Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance

OSEC's mission is to oversee and develop policies regarding the environmental health and safety programs of Santa Clara County. OSEC assists in the training of County employees, the development of programs, and the impartial investigation of issues. OSEC evaluates and responds to the diverse needs of all agencies/departments and monitors activities to protect County employees and the public we serve.​

OSEC's Responsibilities

  • Provides appropriate and effective response to all environmental and occupational safety issues.
  • Supports a safety-conscious and environment-friendly workforce.
  • Develops occupational safety programs and training that result in a safer workplace.
  • Provides County departments with guidance in the areas of environmental, health and safety policies and procedures. 
  • Helps County agencies/departments maintain compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Maintains and makes available current information including technical information, applicable environmental and occupational safety policies and regulations and their interpretations.
  • Annually improves environmental compliance and occupational safety programs. 



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